Rapellez vous à l'occasion des 21 ans de Kristen, un appel aux dons à été lancée, pour venir en aide aux enfants fugueur .. C'est une cause qui lui tiens à coeur depuis le tournage de "Welcome To he Rileys". Le présidents de l'association "The Covenant House" à laisser un message aux fans, pour les remercier des dons .. Au total l'association à récolter 16, 491.37$

Hi Friends,

Yesterday was the last day to submit donations to Covenant House. All fans, blogs and twitter partners raised a astounding $16,491.37 being donated in Kristen Stewart's name as of today!!

Twilightish would like to thank you for making this possible. Without all of you there would be no substantial amount going to help the Covenant house. We are all truly touched at the generosity of our readers and the readers of our partner sites. It gives us all great pleasure to present the Covenant House with this donation on all your behalf's. The Twilight fandom has always been an incredibly tight knit community and it is great to see that it still is. Once again, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts

Thank you dearly.

From all the "Helping Kids Today for Kristen Stewart's Birthday" partners

Source: Robstenation.Blogspot.Com