20 septembre 2011

Interview Style.Com

Kristen à accordée quelques mots à Style.Com dimanche, pendant le défilé Mulberry à Londres !     "I'm really a Converse and jeans kind of girl," Kristen Stewart told Style.com at last night's Mulberry after-party. "I mean, these," she said, pointing at her heels, "are a big departure for me. But I love Mulberry. They don't take fashion too seriously, which is perfect because neither do I."   Source: Gossip-Dance
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19 septembre 2011

Kristen parle de mode & de SWATH

Kristen qui était au défilé de Mulberry hier à Londres à parlée de mode et de SWATH au site WWD.Com   Kristen et la mode “I know everyone thinks I wear black all the time, but I really do love vibrant colors, ” Kristen et SWATH“It's more based on the original telling of it, which is fairly dark…it says a lot of great things about vanity and image and strength and standing up for what's right"     Source: Robstenation
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19 septembre 2011

Interview de Kristen pendant le Mulberry Show

Kristen était hier au défilé Mulberry lors du London Fashion Week et elle a rapidement parlée aux journalistes, voici ce qu'elle as dit ..     A Vogue.UK "I loved the yellow, it's actually my favourite colour," Stewart told us backstage after the show, confessing that going to shows isn't something she'd usually do. "But I was really glad to come to this one ."   A Telegraph.UK '' Oh man, it was great .'' (En parlant du défilé) ¤¤¤ Vidéo d'une interview de Kristen lors du Mulberry Show     ... [Lire la suite]
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12 août 2011

Interview W Magazine

Interview de Kristen pour le magazine W     Source: Gossip-Dance  
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