Jennifer Lawrence parle de Kristen et mentionne Twilight.


Q: What insights did you get from reading the book? Sometimes actors don't like to read the book before they play the character.

JL: It was important to read the book because I imagined myself at a Q&A with people that loved the book. I love the Twilight books. I'm not even ashamed to say it, they are like methamphetamine to me. So when I heard Kristen Stewart say, "I only read the first one," I was like, "Oh man," because she wasn't a huge fan of the books. I was like, for the book lovers I should probably read the books.

I honestly don't know if the book helped. It could have helped to hear the inner dialog of your character, but that would have been if I was doing an exact replica of the book. Sometimes if a script is based on a book, that's what you should do: represent the book. I don't know what I'm doing, so whatever you think happened, great.

I'm reading the script, I'm learning my lines, and then reading the book, so I read it kind of chapter to chapter. It could have helped me, but it might not have. I'm still in this early stage where I'm still learning about myself and my craft and what helps me, and what I've realized mostly is that I don't have that much of a craft.

Source: KristenStewartFrance.Com