MTV avait fait un sondage, nous demandant quel est notre triangle amoureux préférer??!! C'est notre trio, Edward/Bella/Jacob qui se classe #1.


    The votes are in, and it hardly comes as a surprise that “Twilight” trio Edward, Bella and Jacob won Hollywood Crush readers’ vote as their favorite YA novel love triangle. “Twilight” took a whopping 40 percent of the vote with “Vampire Diaries”‘ Stefan, Elena and Damon coming in second with 23 percent and “Mortal Instruments”‘ Jace, Clary and Simon coming in with 18 percent of the vote.    

Millions of book readers and movie goers will agree that Stephenie Meyer couldn’t have created two more perfect suitors for the clumsily lovable Bella Swan. There’s Edward, the dazzling (literally) vamp whom Bella can’t help but be drawn to. And we don’t blame her: he writes music and runs super-fast! Swoon! Then there’s Jacob, the warm (again, literally) childhood friend who not only has a six-pack to rival Ryan Reynolds’, but is just so comfortable to be around. Any girl faced with the same decision would have to take a moment (or two or three) to consider her options.

Source: TwilightBritneyFan.Com